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JOB TITLE: Certified Home Health Aide

DIRECT SUPERVISOR:  Nurse Supervisor

EMPLOYMENT TYPE:  Full or Part Time


A Home Health Aide provides high-quality care mostly for patients who don't feel comfortable being in care homes. A Home Health Aide has the choice of doing live in or simply work part-time with the patient. They assist with a variety of patient's care which includes, but not limited to, patient meals, feeding, and changing. Other duties involve maintaining the patient’s records and updating them as necessary.


  • Meets the training requirements in accordance with state and federal laws

  • Must be a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) in the state of New Jersey with proof of 75 hours of training

  • Must be willing to work flexible shifts, long hours, and rotations of assignment with different clients

  • Must be a team player and work well with others

  • Must be able to read and follow written instructions and documents given by supervisor

  • Must be organized and have good observation and communication skills

  • Must be at least 18 years of age


1. Provide assistance to client's activities of daily living as stated in the personalized care plan, this may include some lifting, bending, and standing for extensive period of time.

2. Follows instruction delegated by the nursing supervisor, such as but not limited to, monitoring and documenting significant observations by the client, and any changes in condition. Especially, changes in mobility status and ability to perform usual ADL's, and promptly reporting to nursing supervisor in order to schedule timely client re-assessment.

3. Provides professional and personalized home making tasks as assigned by the nurse supervisor.

4. Notify nurse supervisor immediately if observed any safety hazard noted in client's home. 

5. Maintains timely attendance and avoids tardiness when reporting to client's home. Employee must be aware of company policy on tardiness and accompanying disciplinary actions if repeatedly performed. 

6. Must maintain honest and trustworthiness in workplace. Notify nurse supervisor in case client's personal and valuable belongings pattered in client's home, to ensure proper storage and prevent loss. 

7. Attend agency's required in-services and trainings and must be able to make up said requirements if unable to attend.

8. Notify nurse supervisor if assigned task is not comfortable performing due to personal or religious belief.

9. Maintains professional image by following company dress code, of wearing either company polo shirt with logo or scrub suits. Employee must also wear ID badge issued by the agency with name and photo visible at all times.

JOB POSTED: 7/11/2019

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