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How quickly can we schedule home visit for evaluation?

After agency services inquiry either by phone or in office, nurse evaluation can be scheduled within 2-3 business days, and depending on the urgency of care.

Can we request for a replacement, if the aide assigned to my parent doesn't seem to be the right personality match?

Our home health aides are experienced and trained to handle different types of clients. If the client is not satisfied with the assigned home health aide, we will try our best to assign a different aide to ensure client satisfaction.

What are the duties and responsibilities of your home health aide?

Our certified home health aides provide services depending on the client's need such as grooming, dressing, bathing, toileting, medication reminder and more. Based on the nursing assessment, the home health aides follow the care plan developed by the Nursing Supervisor.

Are your staff and agency covered with insurance like liability insurance and worker's compensation?

In the state of New Jersey, health care service firms like our agency are required to have liability insurance and workers compensation in order to provide personal care services.

Are clients or families allowed to give gifts as token of gratitude to caregivers?

We request clients to refrain from giving gifts whether in cash or in kind. Our agency has policies on gift-giving. Kindly speak to one of our office staff before giving any gifts to assigned home health aide. 

Where can i apply to become a home health aide?

Under Contact Us, there is a CHHA application form with a detailed description regarding employment summary and responsibilities. Fill out the application and send your resume and cover letter to the hiring staff via email or fax.

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